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Sık Sorulan Sorular Görseli

Sık Sorulan Sorular

  • What is WixTR and what kind of services does it offer?
    WixTR is a web design agency that, as a Wix Partner, offers a range of digital services such as web design, graphic design, brand design, e-commerce solutions, security and maintenance, SEO, analytical reporting and digital marketing.
  • Which sectors do you serve?
    As WixTR, we offer services to businesses from different sectors. We provide support to customers in education, healthcare, e-commerce, technology and many other sectors.
  • Which platforms do you use for your projects?
    WixTR for web design and development; It recommends the Wix platform due to its ease of use and advantages.
  • What do security and maintenance services include?
    Our security and maintenance services include ensuring the security of your website, making regular backups and tracking updates. We are here to make sure your website runs smoothly.
  • What digital marketing strategy do you recommend?
    Digital marketing strategies may vary depending on the customer's needs, goals and industry. As a first step, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and then recommend appropriate strategies such as content management, social media management, advertising campaigns and SEO.
  • What kind of pricing policy do you have for your services?
    Our pricing policy may vary depending on the complexity, size and customization of the project. We offer an appropriate offer according to customer needs and adopt a transparent pricing policy.
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