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Analitik Raporlama Hizmetleri Görseli

Analytical Reporting

Analytical Reporting Services

As WixTR, we offer powerful analytical reporting services to measure and improve the digital success of your business. Making data-driven decisions is critical to setting your goals and optimizing your digital strategy. Here are the analytical reporting services we offer:

Analitik Raporlama Hizmetleri Görseli
Web Analysis

Web analytics allows us to examine your website's performance in detail. With these analytics, we can understand visitor traffic, page view times, conversion rates, exit pages and more. We can determine which pages are visited more, how long users spend on your site, and which pages receive more interaction. This information helps you understand your website's strengths and weaknesses and allows you to make strategic decisions.

Digital Marketing Reports

We provide regular reports to understand the impact of your digital marketing campaigns. These reports help you track the return on your ad spend, ad click-through rates, conversion costs, and the performance of your campaigns. We determine which advertising channels are most effective, so you can best direct your budget. We also evaluate whether your campaigns are achieving your goals and optimize your strategies where necessary.

Social Media Analysis

We closely monitor the performance of your social media accounts. With these analytics, we can examine follower growth, engagement rates, performance of content types, and more. We determine which social media platforms are most effective for your business and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Social media analysis helps you strengthen customer relationships, introduce your brand to more people and increase customer loyalty.

E-Commerce Analysis

We examine the performance of your e-commerce websites in detail. We track your sales data, the behavior of users viewing your products, products abandoned in the cart and inventory management. We understand which products are the best sellers, which products are not popular, and the shopping habits of your customers. These analyzes help you optimize your e-commerce strategy and improve customer experience.

Analitik Raporlama Hizmetleri Görseli
Competition analysis

We analyze competitor websites in detail. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' websites. We examine which keywords your competitors rank at the top and which digital marketing strategies they use. These analyzes help you identify your business's competitive advantages and gain a stronger position against your competitors.

Local SEO Analysis

We analyze how your business performs in local markets. Local SEO analysis helps you understand how your business appears in its geographic location and how local customers find you. We optimize your listing on Google Maps and local directories. We help your business reach local customers with local SEO strategies.

Mobile Application Analysis

It is another type of analysis that is important for mobile application owners. If your business has a mobile app, we create strategies to attract more users and improve user experience by examining app downloads, user interactions, conversions and app performance. We ensure that your mobile application becomes a competitive advantage.

Analytical reporting is a critical tool for monitoring your business performance and capturing growth opportunities. We help you develop your business' digital strategy with customized analytical solutions.

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