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E-Ticaret Çözümleri Görseli


Online Sales Services

As WixTR, we offer special e-commerce solutions for your business to be successful in the online retail world. We help you grow your business in the digital world by guiding you on online sales platforms, customer experience and payment transactions.

E-Ticaret Çözümleri Görseli
Creating an E-Commerce Website

We design an e-commerce website that suits your needs. We create a powerful platform to showcase your products, accept orders and provide customers with a great shopping experience.

Payment and Security Integration

We integrate advanced payment gateways for secure payment transactions. Your customers' payment security and privacy is our priority.

Stock management

We provide tools to track your products and manage inventory. We optimize your stock levels.

Reporting and Analytics

We provide analytical reports to monitor your business's performance and make improvements.

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