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Web Güvenliği ve Bakım Hizmetleri Görseli

Security & Maintenance Services

Security & Care

As WixTR, we are experts in ensuring the security and regular maintenance of your website. Maintaining your online presence and keeping it running smoothly is critical to the success of your business. Here are the security and maintenance services we offer to you:

Web Güvenliği ve Bakım Hizmetleri Görseli
SSL Certificates

We install SSL certificates to increase the security of your website. This helps you gain your users' trust while protecting their information.


We create firewalls that protect against internet attacks. We use the latest technology to protect your website's sensitive data and content.

Current Software

We regularly update all software and plugins of your website. This closes security vulnerabilities and keeps your site running at its best.


We create regular backups to prevent data loss. We always have a fallback plan for unexpected situations.

Web Güvenliği ve Bakım Hizmetleri Görseli
Content Updates

We help you to update and refresh the content of your website. We are here to add new products, news or information.

Performance Monitoring

We constantly monitor your website speed and performance. We identify problems and offer solutions.

SEO Optimization

We apply SEO strategies to help you rank higher in search engines. We support you to gain more visibility on the internet.

Mobile Compatible Design

We provide mobile-friendly design of your website to maintain excellent visibility on mobile devices.

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